About Me

Hi, I am Tae Kun Kim, a rising senior at Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute of UC San Diego. Only a few years into the world of Data Science, I explore this wonderland with a fresh perspective and dream to become a constructive, contributing member of the Data Science/ Machine Learning community.


Data Science is an ever-expanding field that cannot be described with a few sentences. Thus, I believe a skillful data scientist must have experience in a handful of environments where different tasks are performed. With experience as a software engineer, data scientist, researcher, data science tutor, and data visualizer, I have broadened my horizons in not only the realm of data science but other fields where data science acts a helper, such as collaborative medical research instituitions and inexperienced startups.

Why Data Science?

My interest in Data Science sparked when I realized that I, as an individual, practice Data Science every day: I try to make full use of the Big Data I have gathered every millisecond of my life to guide myself through this world and to become an irreplaceable part of society. The fact that Data Science strives to do the same stimulates my love for data.

Initially, my creative side attracted me to the aesthetics of data visualization, and, now, the wannabe psychic inside me screams to foresee the future through data. As much as I want to quench my thirst for Data Science, I plan to take it slow and explore the field as much as possible to discover what more gem data hides.